6 Big Kitchen Design Trends For 2024

Six Trends in Kitchen Design in 2024

With more homeowners opting to stay in their homes due to today’s housing market, more are choosing to remodel their current spaces. In fact, according to one study, over 62% of homeowners are planning some kind of home renovation this year.

The kitchen is an ideal place for a remodel – for many of us, it’s the hub of a busy home. So if a new kitchen (or even just some upgrades) are on your project list for 2024, then take a look at our list of six of the design trends for modern kitchens. Get ready to get some inspiration!

1. Slab Backsplashes

Granite has been the most popular choice for kitchen countertops for decades now. Recently, the trend has shifted to include a matching granite backsplash instead of the traditional tile. Some homeowners are even deciding to install a backsplash that covers the entire wall up to the ceiling! We’re not saying you have to go that far, but extending the same countertop scheme up the kitchen wall can create an amazing dramatic effect, as well as a cohesive appearance.

2. Large Kitchen Islands

Smaller kitchen islands are declining in popularity, while large kitchen islands (as in over 7 feet long) are gaining momentum. A kitchen island not only provides more storage space for cooking tools, but also creates a focal point for eating or just gathering.

An island is also another place to tie together a kitchen’s style, with a top that matches the countertops. “The waterfall” effect, with the top extending down the sides, has also been gaining popularity recently.



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3. Beverage Stations

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or smoothies, dedicated beverage stations are becoming a more common sight in modern kitchens. Rather than take up counter space with a prep area for that pre-workout smoothie, homeowners can now have an area tailor-made for the job. These areas not only contain all of the appliances necessary, but can also be constructed to include their own beverage refrigerator!


4. Lots of Color

Monochromatic is out and color is in! More homeowners in 2024 are choosing to either embrace the natural wood color of their cabinets, or give them a splash of color. When painting cabinets, it’s important to pick a color that you won’t get tired of, and also one that can get along well with other colors. For these reasons, shades of blue are the most popular color choices for cabinets.

5. Open Shelves

Whether you love open shelves or not, there’s no question that it’s becoming more common in modern kitchens. With open shelves, you can have easy access to things like:

  • Dishes
  • Utensils
  • Cookbooks
  • Oils and frequently used spices

Homeowners are embracing open shelves because they can have the effect of making the kitchen space feel larger, while cabinets can make a space feel smaller. Plus, there’s the option of a number of different materials for shelves, such as wood, tile, and stone.

6. Dramatic Stone Patterns

Materials like wood, bamboo, and natural stone are replacing synthetic materials for kitchen design. Natural stone is a beautiful way to add some of Mother Nature’s flair to your remodeled kitchen. Dramatic and striking granite and marble patterns are in, and showcase the beauty that only our Earth can create. Who wouldn’t want a countertop that sizzles like frozen lightning?

A New Kitchen Is Closer Than You Think

2024 could be the year that your kitchen makes a statement. Consider a remodel rather than entering today’s wild property market!

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